Jigs, Wings and Beer…Why American?

Greetings and Salutations, my friends…

Welcome to my little blog I am calling Jigs, Wings and Beer.  So, I’m sure you’re thinking, “I get the jig part, but what do wings and beer have to do with fishing?”  Let me elaborate.

Franklin Roosevelt had his Fireside Chats…my vision is similar in that I would liken our discussions to a group of friends sitting around a table eating wings, drinking beer and discussing what’s right and wrong with HammerHead and the world of fishing.  Some of the most engaging discussions I have participated have transpired in a dimly lit pub devouring wings with a frothy ale.  My goal is to bring that same ambiance to my little corner of the digital world.

Sooo…let’s begin…

Over the years, I have bought foreign products over domestic for various reasons (e.g. price, quality, etc.)  without really giving too much thought to my purchase.  Sure, the term “Buy American” was part of our everyday lexicon, but I was never passionate in implementing the concept in my own life.   That being said, events in my life over the past ten years have caused me to drastically change my opinion.  I have seen too many good paying American jobs being outsourced overseas in order to cut costs, and I find it deeply, deeply troubling.

To do our own little part in reversing this tidal wave, the management team at HammerHead Jig Company, LLC has decided to procure only American products, if at all possible.  To be honest, the lion’s share of our raw materials were already being purchased from American sources…basically everything except the hooks used for our jig heads.  Therefore, going forward we will be replacing the Matzuo and Mustad hooks for Eagle Claw.  The Matzuo change would probably have occurred regardless of this initiative, as we have encountered serious quality degradation of their sickle hooks over the past ten years.  Mustad produces a quality flat eye hook for our Flippin Series…we just believe the Eagle Claw alternative is viable for what we want to accomplish.  There will be no changes to the Striper Series since we have been using the Eagle Claw 635 hook since 2004.

I realize there are those who are not fans of Eagle Claw, but after looking at ALL considerations of running our business, we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s discuss…


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